Spending on defence in multiple countries 2021

Country Data & Sources
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    Chart help

    Chart Help

    These charts allow you to search the GSW data by different countries, years & different sectors - 7 sectors related to the MDGs, as well as ‘less desirable’ government spending on debt servicing and defence spending. There is also the option to choose ‘total of government spending’ which gives the total government budget for the year. The charts generated from the search will also generate a corresponding table of data (see tab ‘table’), as well as the downloadable country data in excel files (see ‘Country data and sources’ tab). The chart allows a display of multiple countries and multiple sectors, in order to compare spending across sectors within & across countries. However, when too many countries/sectors are chosen, the graphs become difficult to read. Therefore, we suggest keeping the selection to roughly a maximum of 5 countries and 7 sectors to view the chart. If you have further queries about how to use this database please email: gsw@development-finance.org