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Trends in Government Expenditure for Public Education

Education for All Global Monitoring ReportSeptember 2014 - This report was commissioned as a background paper for the 2015 Education for All Global Monitoring Report in order to assess the financial resources available towards meeting the EFA goals using Government Spending Watch data. At a critical juncture in defining the post-2015 education goals, this analysis was intended to help to provide insights which can improve financial commitments. Using GSW data sets, it presents a comprehensive and comparable dataset on public education spending across multiple countries (45 countries in total) and years (2011-13), and analyses trends which are highly relevant to the post-2015 goals. It looks, in turn, at the value of this dataset and challenges in its compilation; trends in budgeted education spending levels; trends in education spending as % of GDP and total government spending; shares of spending by different levels (primary, secondary etc); shares by different types of spending (wages, non-wage recurrent and capital); sources of funding (government and donors). It also compares planned and actual spending for different levels. It concludes with recommendations on the way forward.