Research and Analysis

Turning numbers into analysis

Campaigns and advocacy can only change government policy if backed by strong analysis. To take the right decisions, policymakers in governments and international institutions need clear analysis of spending trends, comparisons with other countries, and assessments of whether they are keeping their promises and spending enough on the MDGs.

Government Spending Watch is committed to working in coalition with many other stakeholders to produce the best possible research and analysis.

As well as collating data on government spending across nearly 78 (soon to be 84) low- and lower-middle income countries, Government Spending Watch also carries out specially commissioned research and analysis.

We work in collaboration with others to produce unique research and analysis – including with Oxfam, Save the Children, UNESCO, UN Women and WaterAid. Most of the reports have combined the analysis of GSW expenditure data, with on the ground case study research produced by national experts. These have allowed us to explain in much more detail the reasons for planned and actual spending levels, as well as how the spending is impacting on MDG outcomes such as water supply coverage. They prove once again the key role Government expenditure has in meeting MDG goals.

As well as working with others, GSW is committed to producing analysis every two years which discusses latest trends identified through our work compiling the GSW cross-country database. To read more you can download the Government Spending Watch 2013 and 2015 reports and the 2017 Commitment to Reducing Inequality report which contains the latest GSW data”

We will also continue to work with other partners to produce more detailed sectoral and other reports, including country case studies, and to encourage other key institutions to use the data for their own research and analysis. Reports and analysis are arranged on the site as follows. There is a section analysing overall spending trends, assessing the scope to increase overall spending; while others have focussed on particular sectors such as educationhealthsocial protection, and water and sanitation

On the right hand side of the page you will find links to all of the recent analysis using the GSW data, broken down by the various sectors. If you have any questions on the research, or would be interested in collaborating on further work, then please get touch with us via our contact page.