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Bangladesh Data Updated

Bangladesh29 January 2014 - Data for Bangladesh has been updated to now include both FY 2013/2014 budgeted and FY 2012/2013 actual Government expenditure.

Comparing actual expenditures from 2011/12 to 2012/13 reveals that the health (13.3% to 12.2%), education (13.3% to 12.2%), social protection (5.9% to 5.7%) and environment (0.8% to 0.5%) sectors have all seen falls in spending as a % of total expenditure. The only sector that recorded significant growth was the agriculture sector, jumping from 7.1% of total expenditure to 9%.

When reviewing budgeted expenditure from 2012/13 to 2013/14 the trend in reduced spending on social protection (6% to 4.9%), environment (0.5% to 0.3%) and health (1.8% to 1.7%) as a % of total expenditure is again apparent. Agriculture expenditure is the again the only sector to experience an increase as a % of expenditure (from 5.1% to 6%), whilst education expenditure is unchanged at around 11.5% of total government spending, but still remains markedly below the Education for All target of 20%. 

To access the expenditure data and find out more please click here.