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The Water Fight KS3

Water Aid IMG 637023 February 2018 The Water Fight is all about making clean water and toilets a normal part of schools everywhere.

Lessons are particularly relevant to KS3 Geography, Mathematics and Citizenship, and last approximately an hour - though some activities may require a bit more time to complete.

Pupils are tasked with conducting audits and interviews in order to understand the importance of taps and toilets in schools, and how facilities in the UK have developed over the years.

The case studies then give an insight into what the current toilet and handwashing facilities are like in schools in some of the poorest communities around the world.

The under 18s petition is a great opportunity for your KS3 class to engage in active citizenship; pupils can add their voice to the Water Fight Campaign, which is asking the UK Secretary of State for International Development to make sure all UK Government plans for schools globally include taps and toilets for every child.